Presentation and chart customization

Compare Poll Everywhere vs. Turning Techonologies customization

Customization of visuals Poll Everywhere Turning Technologies
Ability to hide votes until done Yes
Show either totals or percentages for multiple choice polls Yes Yes
Leaderboard sorting for multiple choice polls Yes Yes
Choice of chart type for multiple choice polls Bar (horizontal), column (vertical), list, stacked series (team competitions and segmentation)
Choice of animations for responses to open-ended questions Linear, floating, marquee ticker, one-at-a-time, word cloud No
Customizable logo Yes. Left, center, right Yes
Background image Yes. Fill, Tile, Stretch Yes
Color options Yes. Background, background opacity, title gradient, message color, chart bar color, text color, highlight correct option Yes
Independently show or hide poll sections Yes. Title, instructions, axis, percentages, keywords Unclear
Choose text sizes on chart Yes Yes
Ability to save a set of styles and apply to other polls, e.g., template Yes Yes
Presentation software Poll Everywhere Turning Technologies
Integration with Keynote on macOS Yes No
Integration with PowerPoint on macOS Yes No
Integration with Windows PowerPoint Yes Yes - Floating toolbar
Integration with PowerPoint on iPad Yes No
Integration with Google Slides in Chrome Yes No
Insert any live webpage into slide Yes No
Full-screen mode from any web browser Yes Yes

Poll Everywhere vs. Turning Technologies

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