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Poll Everywhere: Changing the Conversation


Personalized feedback at scale

Workshop producers Gabriel Grant and Jason Jay use Poll Everywhere to help attendees discuss sensitive topics in a public forum. Responses are anonymous, but visible to the room, enabling Grant and Jay to give personalized feedback at scale.

"Poll Everywhere allows us to have everybody in the conversation," said Grant. "We can tell where we're losing people, where they're getting lost in the process and need extra help."

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Poll Everywhere in your presentation

Live audience engagement in three easy steps


Create an interactive question using Poll Everywhere. Embed that question into your slide deck, or present directly from the web.


The audience responds online or via SMS texting on their phones or devices. Responses appear in real time for everyone to see.


Review the results alongside the audience. Respond with the confidence that comes from knowing the room's top questions.

"[Poll Everywhere] has been essential for understanding the experience our audience is actually having, as opposed to imagining what experience they're having."

Gabriel Grant

Author, Breaking Through Gridlock

Review what the audience learned

Quickly identify gaps in understanding by quizzing the audience on what they learned. Tailor your presentation on the fly to cover what they're missing, or skip over what they already know.

Don't leave comprehension to chance. When you need to make sure the audience knows a concept, ask.

Introduce engagement early

Familiarize the audience with Poll Everywhere using a quick-and-easy icebreaker. Choose a lighthearted topic everyone will want to weigh in on. Run it at the start of your presentation as a casual way to introduce audience engagement.

Don't forget to save a screenshot of the results afterwards. Share it as a fun memento. People will ask for it.

Address what's most important

Hear from the entire audience in the time it would take one person to stand up and respond aloud.

Know what the entire room thinks is most important – not just the most vocal. Give everyone in the audience an equal opportunity to be heard. Level the playing field between introverts and extraverts.

Anonymity boosts audience engagement

Create a safe space for frank or sensitive feedback using Poll Everywhere's anonymous setting. This setting is available for all question types, and ensures responses remain private. Everyone is able to focus on what is being said, rather than who said it.

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