CEO Ask Me Anything

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Foster employee engagement through transparency by hosting a company-wide Ask Me Anything townhall.

Facilitate group discussions on a massive scale with a Poll Everywhere Q&A.

Quickly prioritize employee feedback by empowering each person to upvote the best responses to the top of the list.

Anonymity options create a safe space for frank or critical opinions while ensuring each individual's privacy. Moderation keeps the discussion on track by letting you filter our irrelevant responses.

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Interactive response map

Would your employees be surprised by the physical location of your customers? Upend expectations at the outset of a meeting to create a habit of questioning assumptions.

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Finals preparation

Find out your students’ most pressing areas of needs heading into finals week, so you can help your class prepare accordingly.

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Teams by color

Split your participants into teams by color. Future questions can then segment responses by team.

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